Are muslim dating sites haram

08-Aug-2017 01:56

It's dumb."She noted that after the recent Paris attacks, she braced herself for a barrage of Islamophobic messages on the platform, but was pleasantly surprised to not receive any. "I figure that people probably aren't always looking at the religion thing in my profile.Maybe they skip over that a lot of the time," she said.On my profile, I wrote, ' Please do not message me if you are Islamophobic, racist, sexist, anti-Semitic or homophobic,'" she told , the man begins his conversation with a full-on attack: "islamophobic? It was really ridiculous."For Carly Haufe, 31, also an OKCupid user, the experience has been a varied one.yeah SURE I embrace a 'religion' that has a child molester for its leader and I TOTALLY agree with whipping and honor killings. "I've basically separated the emails I get on Ok Cupid regarding Islam into three categories," she explained to via email."[The first is] people who send messages so grotesque that they're obviously (I hope) trying to troll and instigate a fight (after all, negative attention would be better than no attention, I guess).

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"This was no different than other sites, actually; Muslims and non-Muslims just felt that they wanted to 'corrupt' me and 'teach' me, but weren't interested in knowing me.Especially in today's climate, the act of putting yourself out there as an American Muslim woman seems to be a revolutionary act. Believe me, I have spent many nights racking my brain trying to figure this one out for myself back in my teenage years.If they were turned down, some would get really angry."Inevitably, the harassment American Muslim women reflects the findings found in the 2014 Pew Research Center , that found that nearly 25% of young women between the ages of 18 and 24 report having been sexually harassed on the internet.

Online dating sites and apps provide the ideal environment for such abusive behavior.The good news is that my search has given me a much better understanding of this difficult question.

I have found that you can always find someone who will agree with you when you are looking for confirmation about something negative because most people are negative.… continue reading »

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