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Guest starring: Kyla Pratt as Lillie Simms, Richard Gant as Rev. begins to set up a campaign to run for school president, believing that it would take nothing to win. J.'s campaign flounders, he decides to have Marcus run in his place, thinking that he'd be a shoo-in to win, and then control him behind the scenes. confesses to Marcus and Mo about what he did to them -- with Marcus and Mo putting their friendship back together and T. stays up all night studying, hopped up on chocolate and coffee, and crashes and burns during the show. that he shouldn't worry about the family's finances, and that they are doing fine. Guest starring: John O'Hurley as Hugh Sterling, Ashley Tisdale as Amy, Kristopher Kachurak as Travis Co-starring: Noreen Reardon as Amy's Mom, Brian Kaiser as Travis' Dad, Natasha Pierce as Kimmy, Martin Maurice Davis as Craig Absent: Omar Gooding as Morris Tibbs Notes: This is the only episode to be written by Andrew Nicholls & Darrell Vickers As the school prom looms, Floyd, Marcus and Yvette wish to ensure that T.

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There are many curvy girls from all parts of Canada who are seeking connections - get to know them better and arrange a date!Yet Ferguson thinks it's still too soon to write off games like "Individual users will have very different responses," he said.

with million, but instead he got something priceless during Wednesday's live reunion show: a personal letter from Jeff Probst, who told ahead of the finale that he's "never been more wrong about a player than Spencer." But Spencer hasn't been able to bring himself to open the letter yet. "I feel like once I open it, I've crossed some barrier and can't go back. I'm waiting until I'm really depressed." Though he was universally acknowledged as the biggest threat among the final four (and was the landslide victor of poll), Spencer says that if the final two had come down to him and Tony, he would have voted for Tony.… continue reading »

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