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17-Aug-2017 06:43

Users created and maintained identities with meaningful usernames and chat handles, or pseudonyms.

We may argue that this is the same today, and in some respects it is, but with the rapid standardization of browsers, the decline of homepages, the progress of mobile networking, and success of a few number of social networking platforms there can be no doubt that over the last decade our network has significantly changed our interactions and therefore personal identities.

You will be connected to somebody random on the other side of the planet.

This is one of the most asked question from our users.

These later social web platforms have taken the place of self-made homepages devoted to the individual.

Once the picture or video chat is sent, you will see it in your chat window.

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Whole rooms exist with various themes, topics, sub-topics, and subject matter with rarely a living human in sight.