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She made literary allusions and understood the ones he made.... After two years, the analysis ground down to a horrible halt'. Thus for example Jung's initial '"unconditional devotion" to Freud's theories and his "no less unconditional veneration" of Freud's person' was seen at the time by both men as a 'quasi-religious infatuation to...a cult object'; As markets 'swung virtually overnight from euphoria to fear' in the credit crunch, even the most hardened market fundamentalist had to concede that such 'periodic surges of euphoria and fear are manifestations of deep-seated aspects of human nature'—whether these are enacted in home-room infatuations or upon the global stage.

Unlike love, infatuation seldom survives past the “honeymoon” phase of a relationship.

When in an infatuation state the rest of the world tends to disappear and is narrowed to the scope of this one seemingly perfect person.But in the process, I achieved something more important: I started to become the woman I wanted to be.After I was divorced and middle-aged and back in the dating pool, I unfortunately had to kiss a few more frogs.Here are some other ways to tell whether what you're feeling is real love or just infatuation.

From my experience working with people going through or recovering from divorce, I have observed a vast emotional difference between the spouse who leaves the marriage to be with someone else, or for the hope of being with someone else, and the one who has been left. " "I think I'm in love, but then I have doubts." Such a big question!

The second, 'evaluation..well be sound although the craving or love remains unaffected by it'; while 'a third type is that of the agent who exhibits bad judgement and misevaluation for reasons such as ignorance or recklessness', regardless of their desire. The patient, in Freud's words, 'develops a special interest in the person of the doctor...never tires in his home of praising the doctor and of extolling ever new qualities in him'.