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Bo-Nui grabs Soo-Ho and repeatedly asks him if he was born in the year of the tiger.

Soo-Ho tells her that he was born in 1986 - the year of the tiger. Ryu Jun Yeol is really a good actor, he portrayed the character so well, the way he talk, he was so cold at first and not care about surrounding but slowly he became so cute and a little bit cringy, yes, but I love him.

And actually I feel bad about gun wook coz he's so sweet. I'm a fan of hwang jung eum since High kick 2 and this drama is one of my favorites! What makes the difference is how and how long will it draw the spectators' attention eversince the background story has been delivered. Honestly I didn't like it at first..I did stop watching..I continue myself after reading some positive comment works... I never thought i will be hooked so much i couldnt wait for the next episodes to be aired. To think that at first, i have no intention of watching it.

The chemistry between him and bonui so great also, really like brother sister, he cares so much about bonui but of course not more than je soo ho. I love the character of Je Soo hoo he is so adorkable and has his own charms. Oopa fighting I love thier relationship in this drama. For romcoms, after all the background stories been told, most spectators will go bored as they know what will happen after that. but at least there a happy ending for jun yeol, not like the ending of reply88. I will waiting for your next project Jun Yeol oppa!!! I get hooked until last episodes..good too see this side of rjy..character is lovable... Out of boredom i clicked the first episode, and i cant stop eversince.

Bo-Nui (Hwang Jung-Eum) works various part-time jobs to support herself and pay her younger sister's, Bo-Ra (Kim Ji-Min), hospital bills.

RJY portrayed it so well, how je sooho love shim bonui so much, looks fine and relax in front but work real hard behind. Really, Ryu Jun Yeol and Hwang Jung Eum has climbed to be the best of this genre. The storyline is readable but that's fine since it's a common plot for romance comedy dramas. I dont know about everyone else, but im really digging this drama.the storyline is almost same with she was pretty, so the drama setting too. ....after day of long a stress buster!! ...romance luckily are so into dis lovey dovey dramaworld!! I need more of Je soo ho and Bo nui.drama add beautiful colour to my life every week I'm sad ... I am hoping that each ep will be as good as the first one, as it seems that there are not too many good dramas out there today, not like the ones like "Boys before flowers, I do and others...begining was lil slow with our so called hero's poker face expressions!! ......i wanted to say is that koreans do have best idea of love and romance in the entire world, otherwise i thought i had already forgotten about it....sarangheyo!! So, some people judge the others by the way they dress? :-) Watching preview of ep 12 make me realize this drama is going to end soon... Some these days seem to drag on and leave a boring spot and I always look for others to watch. Spread the love♡♡♡ Btw, we cannot please everybody...there are always critics and haters but dont generalized that RJY fans are disrespectful...kindly read all the 322 comments first before u comment...Also he looks so good with Amy, I think both will make a super duper visual couple. I love how clingy ryu jun yeol as a boyfriend & how to win her heart. But Ryu Jun Yeol deserves the praises as he was the main reason I can't be bored watching this. Will miss the way su ho laugh, the way he hug, the way he look and all his awkwardness. I like him..gladly I decide to continue watching..been awesome ride... I am hoping for a happy ending to our tiger couple♡♡♡ for sure I will miss my craziness watching this aheemmm....thanks for making my life lighter and happier in 1 and half months...week my life back to normal hahahah.... Although, I cant wait to see Lee Jong Suk on his next drama 'W', i am just not ready to part with RJY and HJE.

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His cutely funny and funnily cute acts have made me gone nuts @CWA I guess it's because glasses are the most obvious way to make a character look dorky, geeky, shy, not pretty/handsome,awkward, withdrawn etc. ^^ The comedy romance cheesy cute moments are too prefect... I don't know why but this drama did not appeal to me at first, but I was so wrong. I have been a fan of Hwang Jung-Eum since High Kick 2. i feel tricked by its label of rom com, main lead story are not that [email protected] like him but no problem..everyone has its own him because his such a good actor!!! It is 1 am and just finished watching this drama again.. the reality, the story, the feeling and joon yeol's expression are just beyond everything !! ) it got kinda boring..matter how much charming Soo Ho was. Still I've watched till the end...albeit the lack of interest. However, despite getting so much assurance from Je Soo Ho that the bad incidents that occurred was not her fault, she still blamed herself and went back to her old self when things get too hard. but i will give 4,5 stars from 5 stars for the whole stories. You & your character is my main reason for watching this drama.. it feel like just yesterday I read them accepted role for this drama... And there were other character that had extrange clothes as well, like the tennis player one of the episode wear really ugly jacket(just my opinion). The smallest gesture he had, the smile, the akward expression, oh i love them all!!!! I don't necessarily need tension for me to enjoy a good romcom.

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