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A thought that comes later than its appropriate or expected time.

The fact of being made heavier or more heinous, as a crime , offense, misfortune, etc. The entire number, sum, mass, or quantity of something.

To make impure by the admixture of other or baser ingredients.

The coming or arrival, as of any important change, event, state, or personage.

To assign a definite thing or part to a certain person.

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An officer who receives and transmits the orders of the general.

A person with milky white skin and hair, and eyes with bright red pupil and usually pink iris. A book whose leaves are so made to form paper frames for holding photographs or the like. Chemistry of the middle ages, characterized by the pursuit of changing base metals to gold. A volatile, inflammable, colorless liquid of a penetrating odor and burning taste. A condition resulting from the inordinate or persistent use of alcoholic beverages. A covered recess connected with or at the side of a larger room. Any shrub or small tree of the genus Alumnus, of the oak family. A member of a municipal legislative body, who usually exercises also certain judicial functions. The dignity, condition, office, or term of office of an alderman.

Anything that will neutralize an acid, as lime, magnesia, etc. To calm the violence or reduce the intensity of; mitigate. To assert to be true, especially in a formal manner, as in court. The setting forth of a subject under the guise of another subject of aptly suggestive likeness.

One who pleads the cause of another, as in a legal or ecclesiastical court.

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A balloon or other apparatus floating in or sustained by the air. The branch of pneumatics that treats of the equilibrium, pressure, and mechanical properties.

A person or thing connected with another, usually in some relation of helpfulness. A series of tables giving the days of the week together with certain astronomical information. Not in sympathy with or desiring to associate with others. Any raised place or structure on which sacrifices may be offered or incense burned.

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