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10-Nov-2017 08:30

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There were lots and lots of things I didn't get to in this interview and I'll try to request a longer block next time we get to talk, but it's still a good 20 minutes of Probst discussing the first All-Star-free “Survivor” season in recent years, his own shifting role as host, Tony's allure as a potential returning player, Amanda Kimmel's near-misses and what his quid pro quo will be from Tyler Perry. And check back for all of my “Survivor: Cagayan” interviews in the week after the finale…Hit Fix: OK, so looking at the season in totality this is the first season in a couple of years that the show has done a completely All-Star free season. So I guess yes, I like returning players coming back but there is something like dating a new girl that”s also very fun about meeting a new future favorite like we did.And then you see, the rug is swept from under me because Kass flips.So I think, more focus on just securing that everybody is with me, and reading people, and detecting when Kass is feeling left out.I was kind of assuming that people would think and play like me, and that wasn't the case. Coming from the Brains tribe, are you surprised you made it as far as you did? And I would also say, a lot of people who are used to kind of planning and doing things in theory, and not really getting in, getting dirty and doing them in practice.Spencer: It's crazy that Tasha and Kass and I were in the final six when, after four episodes in, it's just us on our tribe. I would have conversations with Tasha after the game and during the game, like, think about where we are now. I think we had a lot of people saying, "OK, we could do this for the shelter, we could do that," but not a lot of people getting out the hammer and hammering it. Kass' come-from-behind victory was pretty unbelievable, and a big game-changer for you. And going through it, there was a point where I thought I was putting [the puzzle] together correctly and I was in the lead and I was feeling good.

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Read our full Q&A to find out why, as well as his thoughts on why the Brains tribe just couldn't get it together.If you just knew that and didn't know where we started, you would think, okay, they were on a pretty good tribe. And then I hit this wall where I really got stuck with a few pieces left and couldn't figure out what to do. Looking back on the game, would you have done anything differently?

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