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06-Sep-2017 06:49

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I really enjoy Ms Johnson, she keeps everything clean and entertaining.

Don't have to listen to bad language that is so offensive and Not funny or entertaining!!!

Hello Giggles had the chance to chat with Johnson about the special, her stand-up comedy career, and her very sweet relationship with her husband. Anjelah Johnson: I am constantly evolving and growing, but I stay true to my roots of telling a lot of stories about my family, my marriage, and the things that I experience firsthand, giving my storyteller, observational point of view.

So I talk about things from my marriage to the time I got a massage and my massage therapist fell asleep on me.

See the show in August at Hard Rock Live like a VIP, or buy face-value Jo Koy and Anjelah Johnson tickets without paying a fortune to ticket brokers who resell presale tickets.

AJ: Similar to my brother — she had no filter, and her customer service wasn’t really customer service, it was like I was bothering her by coming through the drive-thru.