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sbaroncohen i think autism involves a different kind of mind and brain sbaroncohen evolutionary hypotheses are very difficult to test Ornella Are you also going to look at parents? sbaroncohen we published a study in 2010 on parents, showing they have higher levels of autistic traits sbaroncohen that was in the journal Molecular Autism Ornella Thanks I will look at the publication ferrisjabr Just a note for any latecomers: the chat is in full swing; feel free to post your questions darciforrester systemizing is very interesting to read about....

darciforrester we have noticed how our son reacts to different, he loves to be cuddled, and seems to empathize with darciforrester inanimate objects or non-human characters sbaroncohen i suspect that among parents or siblings of a person with autism there are higher rates of talents in systemizing nkvenugopal Can you explain that a little bit more? Tamitha Mulligan Skov It is generally known among engineers that many in the field tend toward autism anyway, regardless of intellect.

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mbloudoff How many parents have participated so far?

darciforrester Yes - what kind of links are there to schizophrinia darciforrester My husband and i both have genetic histories of it....

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psychologist Simon Baron-Cohen of the University of Cambridge explores the possibility that some of the genes that contribute to autism are inherited along with genes behind certain cognitive talents common to scientists, engineers, mathematicians and other technical-minded people.

Some evidence suggests that regions around the world where a lot of engineers and scientists live and marry—such as Silicon Valley in California and Eindhoven in the Netherlands—have higher than usual rates of autism.

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