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So for the sake of being complete I decided to add her to the FAQ. This should be the "final" update, but you never know. 3/11/04 VERSION 2.5, yeah I know I said that the last one was the last update but I realized I left out a character from the anime, Moe. Tama-chan- The flying and highly inteligent turtle. Endings Indepth Guide to Love Hina Table of Contents 1. Shirai- The other of Keitaro's friends, he is the short and heavy one. This harem dating sim plays like an interactive graphic novel.It's primarily text-based, with some top-down exploration. Currently their are 62 attacks listed and 6 characters' styles. Chances are this FAQ will stay active after all since I want to create a Love Hina Technology section that will contain things such as the Mecha Tamas and other things that are "outer worldly" so keep comming back. Naru tell Haruka that Keitaro as a kanririn is impossible.

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Kaolla Su- A foriegn exchange student from an unknown country. Take a peek if you want to, its right after the Character FAQ's. I'd may not have all of them but this is just a start. 1/4/04 This is most likely the FINAL UPDATE so theirs going to be alot of new stuff!

I'll put his/her name after whatever I added that he/she sent me. Some choices can also result in Keitaro getting sent home, causing an early game over, or getting smacked and losing health.

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