Love hina sim dating game walkthrough

02-Nov-2017 11:32

This is a complete breakdown of the Love Hina game made for the Game Boy Advance. I found this game (fully translated) surfing the net. Gameplay This is a choose your own adventure-type game. Keitaro's been trying to get into Tokyo University, mostly because of a promise he made to a girl when he was young. As you progress through the game, you will be asked to make choices. You might also be on the recieving end of some abuse! In the "Control" mode, it talks to the person you are facing. Replay: You pick an ending, and the game replays how you got the ending. While she beats up on Keitaro alot, she actually likes him.

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Note: Doesn't matter what you pick Whoever has the most Hearts at this time will wake you up.

(-1 H Naru) 3) Light a fire first (-1 H Kitsune) 4) Fetch from onsen (-1 H Shinobu, Naru, and Kitsune, 1 H Su) 5) I'm boiling already (-1 H Shinobu, Naru, and Kitsune, 1 H Su) 8.