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Because of the sensitive nature of some stunts, as well as the possibility of legal action, some parts of the film had to be edited out.

One example of this is in the "Riot Control Test" skit.

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Some bits were edited out for legal reasons (especially scenes showing people's faces without their consent); however, they were placed back in for the special DVD version.

The film had a budget of million and was the number one film at the United States box office when it opened, grossing ,763,437, revenue from 2,509 theaters, for an average of ,073 per venue.

The scene was later edited out as, while the Jackass crew could waive civil liability, they could not waive criminal liability.

The first time Knoxville is shot at, it misses him making him extremely nervous.

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In addition, the final skit in the film called "Butt X-Ray" was edited to remove the insertion of the toy car into Ryan Dunn's anus, the reason being that displaying the insertion might have been considered pornographic or otherwise highly objectionable by the MPAA, and could have earned the film an NC-17 rating, severely limiting its distribution.

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Since some scenes of the film were shot in Tokyo, Japan, a special edited version was made and screened for Japanese audiences.The original ending for the film was supposed to be a Rube Goldberg-type contraption, with each of the cast members performing a stunt that either has something to do with what they did on the show (for example, the first stunt would have Preston as "The Human Wrecking Ball", knocking him into a Port-A-Potty), or simply for a sight gag (such as Ehren being knocked over in the Port-A-Potty and landing on a bed of toilet paper rolls), ending with Johnny being launched off the catapult next to Rip Taylor.

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