Our time dating website

29-Jun-2017 07:39

Very offened that trying a quality Lady and the escorts attack. I was completely and totally frustrated with the whole site.Our time sent me a Lawyer brief that your kidding me I am supposed to Understand those terms. I paid 121 $$ for six month and I expected to find somebody without annoying advertisements interruptions, every 2 seconds ad pops up covers all screen, without option to remove it, its very disturbing, I plan to cancel membership, if I need to watch advertisements I can watch it for free and not for money, will go back to other dating site TERRIBLE site, no control over members. Even though I cancelled my account after 2 days they will not give me a refund. All I ever get is the call center in the Philippines. I've been looking for a good site that I can pay for (that way I know the people are serious about finding a real relationship) and get the most out of. When I called customer service I was told that this was not a trial when I signed up. I did get two guys that were scammers, that is another reason why I cancelled my account. Two or three times, my account password (which is saved by browser) has clearly been breached.I've been receiving messages from people 40 years younger and 18 years older than myself. People from other side of the country constantly sending messages.Most responses asked for an email or phone number and had their address in user name and phone number scrawled across their picture. THIS IS AN OVER 50 SITE THAT ALLOWS ANYONE TO JOIN. When contacting them you reach "non-English speaking" English language c/s reps in the Phillipines who refuse to address any concerns and offer no assistance (I tried 3 times and hit a brick wall each time). I dont like the fact we arent able to narrow down our matches they send.

The only person I talked to is in a call center, they will not refund my money. Although ive not met anyone yet that I would have a romantic relationship with, im glad I gave online dating a go.Deeply upsetting when you think the photos and profiles are real and you are begunning to connect.