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25-Jun-2017 14:28

The field has been in production since 2012 via interim tie-back to the Kikeh production facility.The main field production facility was completed and started up in October 2014.

He said the correct history needs to be re-written and taught to the younger generation that Malaya gained independence on Aug 31, 1957, while Sarawak and Singapore gained theirs on July 22, 1963 and June 3, 1959, respectively, and that Malaysia was formed as a new nation on "Malaysia Day" on Sept16, 1963.Location: Block K, deepwater offshore Sabah Basin: Sabah Delta Working Interest: 6.67% of unitized field, non-operated Water Depth: 1,220 meters Discovery Date: 2004First Production Date: 2014Product: Oil Facility: FPS with 150,000 bopd capacity The Siakap North field is unitized with the Petai field and first production was in the first quarter of 2014.