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They have also been audience tested and fine-tuned...

Please watch the short video below for a helpful and time-saving overview of the site: Welcome to the “newly renovated and improved“ Christian Skit Scripts site: the web’s most popular destination for quality drama, plays and skits! Imaginative scripts that are excitingly -and refreshingly- different.Why waste time trying to work it out yourself when you can get this blue-print guide absolutely FREE! At just .70 per play and considering the time you save from not having to write your own play scripts from scratch...this is a great investment you can make for your church, school or Christian organization. Download my scripts within the next 15 minutes and read them.Chances are you’ve found this site after searching the web for high-quality, Bible-based, original and fun skit scripts for you or your church’s drama team to perform. Besides the ideas and execution, our scripts are set apart by awesome soundtracks that make your performance much more exciting, professional, and effective.

Some are in our unique “Play/Act” format that means there are no lines to learn. This site is for “Fred, I want to say that I loved your skits.

He also specializes in producing commercials and promos for radio stations.