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With a montage of clips from every movie where I’ve gotten wearily out of bed.” It seems apt to wrap up our lunch — crab, avocado and the dreaded quail eggs having long since disappeared from the table — on this projection for the future, however tongue-in-cheek.

One rather hopes this most restless of actors won’t have to wait that long to receive her due.

A closer relationship with her i Pad might yet beckon in the lengthy vacation she has planned for herself following her return to the Big Apple: “I have to take a break,” she sighs, while relishing her current ability to determine her own working schedule. She maybe wasn’t a brilliant actress, but I think that was almost her power. That’s what I love about her.” Her face clouds over slightly.

“There’s going to be a lot of nudity in it, so I’m working out now, even inside my apartment.” One hopes she won’t exert herself too hard; after all, her self-promised vacation should allow time for some inactivity.

I think it would do so well here.” She excitedly relates the film’s box-office figures, beaming as she informs us that it had the highest per-screen average in the US on its opening weekend.

We break off to order lunch: despite her earlier meatball reverie, she’s landed upon a lighter crab and avocado salad. I get a lot of billings.” One of those lower billings – and a wittily claimed source of dashed leading-lady dreams for the actress – came in Martin Scorsese’s Grand Guignol psychological thriller “Shutter Island,” in which Clarkson has a single, but crucial, scene as a wild-eyed (possible) truthteller to Leonardo Di Caprio’s bewildered, on-the-run US Marshal.

The second in three remakes of films by the murdered Dutch director Theo van Gogh (the first was Steve Buscemi’s “Interview”), “Blind Date” is about a married couple, Don (Tucci) and Janna (Clarkson) who, as we learn via voiceover, “play games with each other.” The games involve responding to each others’ personal ads in a designated role — after “Serious Reporter Seeks Aggressive Woman” appears in the paper, Janna walks into their customary meeting place, punches Don in the stomach and throws a drink in his face.

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It’s a story that does cross over, and IFC realised that.

Popularity of the two stars could make the film an arthouse hit; they’re a joy to watch.