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28-Jul-2017 20:56

Shake becomes angered when Meatwad corrects him on his error and demands he kneel down and pray to the "Almighty Jimmy", as part of his religion.Frylock enters the room and questions Shake's religion, which promises immortality.

Meatwad optimistically suggests doing another joke in the show's final seconds, before the screen abruptly cuts to a message stating the episode was made in Georgia (which was used throughout the eleventh season and regularly in other productions made in Georgia), ending the series.

Carl steals the bottle from Frylock and washes his own hair in his house against Frylock's wishes.

Soon after Christopher Lambert abruptly enters Carl's house and explains that Frylock, Carl, and himself are all immortal.

Meanwhile, Shake and Meatwad are seen in a church alongside eleven other characters from the series, in an homage to The Last Supper.

Shake is dressed up as Jesus Christ and is severing his organs and blood for consumption.This episode has been made available for digital purchase and is available for on demand streaming on Hulu Plus.

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