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His nickname for her is "R." However, Rebecca has shown a slight crush on Noah throughout the show.

In The Gala Issue, Noah calls Rebecca beautiful, even though he tries to hide the fact that he may have a crush on her.

In The Boy Trouble Issue, George, a well-known singer, arrives at Teen Buzz, Rebecca thinks that George is flirting with her.

When she confronts Noah about it, Noah seems to not care and doesn't think George would do that.

Rebecca says that she is an award winning journalist, when she's actually a writer for a community newspaper, and has to deliver the paper herself.

Noah says that when Rebecca left, he stopped writing, but in reality, stopped getting published.

This results in Noah getting angry at Rebecca, until Bossman says that Buzz won't close, and Noah kisses Wilder on the cheek.

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He ends up kissing her as an "experiment," to see if that will cure her hiccups, but later gets the hiccups himself, implying that he lied about not having more feelings for the kiss.

This is the episode where Noah and Rebecca share their first kiss.

He says he didn't know he had a jealous side, and Rebecca didn't think he did either.

In The Kiss Off Issue, Noah finds out that Rebecca and Wilder shared a victory kiss.Shepard hosting and giving Noah all the easy words.