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Regular cleaning of your homes windows is an excellent way to maintain the beauty of your house. Pressure washing is for exterior hard surfaces, it will remove most green and black algae, dirt and other substances.It keeps the glass and window frames in good condition. Screens are thoroughly cleaned with a brush, cleaning solution, and a hose. Dirt and algae that are left on outdoor surfaces too long will stain the surface.They are very pleasant to work with and we really enjoy dealing with Janet and her crew.""We have had 3 other window washing companies in the last 4 years.Professional Window Washing was far and away the best and most painless window washing experience we've ever had.Your job will be done expertly, efficiently and safely.Check out our expertise in all of our services, and give us a call. We have an extra level of service where we can brush and vacuum window and door tracks.


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As part of our dryer vent cleaning service we measure the air flow and temperature before and after we clean.Many of my windows are difficult to reach and hard to clean.Professional Window Washing does the job extremely well and safely."We started using Professional Window Washing in 2003, when we lived in Manhattan Beach.

Because their service is so fabulous we continued using them when we moved to Hermosa Beach.We keep these numbers on file in our computer and we can check the vent airflow for you periodically for no charge.