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15-Aug-2017 08:24

The Tantra Institute’s co-founder Daka Guy told me that the event came out a need for people to meet outside of technology.

“People are not connecting in person as much today as they were before smartphones,” Guy said.

Another extremely attractive match and I had to sit on the ground facing each other and holding hands.

He’d lean back and I’d have to hold him up, and vice versa — like a reverse trust fall.

“That’s created an atmosphere where people are more thirsty for real connection, and I think that’s all mindfulness really is.” I arrived at the Institute’s August tantric speed dating event in yoga pants and a tank top (fitting, I assumed, given the setting) — but many of the other participants wore dating-formal attire.

As I stared at the room full of women in dresses and men in slacks, I realized this wasn’t going to be the group-meditation session I was expecting.

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But throughout the evening, I saw many women drop their beads into pouches.When I got home after the event, the first thing I did was hop in the shower, as I had just spent an evening awkwardly embracing 17 random men. Despite feeling stressed while the event was happening and the occasional flashbacks to attempting to lie down in a stranger’s lap, it was as if I had just returned from an evening at a spa (for my mind).

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